About Fresh Hope Ministries International


Fresh Hope David and Barbara CraigMinistries International in the UK is a nondenomiational Charitable Christian Trust by Deed under Northern Ireland law. Fresh Hope Ministries is recognised as a charity with the UK HM Revenue and Customs for tax purposes, Ref XR75118 and also recognised as a Charity by the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland.

David and Barbara Craig are the directors, accountable to a Board of Trustee's who are all members of local churches. David and Barbara are committed members of Thriving Life Church, Newtownards..

In Sierra Leone Fresh Hope Ministries International is a non-profit limited company with no share capital. The subscribers of the company are the UK Trustees. It is managed by a board of directors.

All our staff team members on the ground in Sierra Leone are nationals.

100% of donations go towards project areas on the ground. Admin costs, including personal support and flights are maintained from a seperate revenue stream.