Child Protection Policy - Introduction



FHMI is committed to the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (heareafter known as UNCRC) and will strive to encourage and ensure the protection and welfare of all children in the UK and overseas.

FHMI also has a duty in UK law and specifically in Northern Ireland to protect children and young people from abuse and harm, if alleged or suspected.

It is our responsibility to protect children and young people who come into contact with staff, volunteers and members. Through the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (NI) Order 2003 (POCVA) and the Implementation of the Children (NI) Order 1995, As a Christian based organisation we also have a duty to protect staff, volunteers and members.

FHMI recognises that parents have primary responsibility for the protection of children.

In order to fulfil the commitment to protect children from abuse and harm, it is mandatory that these policies and procedures be followed and adhered to by all staff, volunteers and members. This policy also strives to protect children and workers in our overseas operations. The overseas aspect has drawn on the publication 'Setting the Standard - A Common Approach to Child Protection for International NGOs' and seeks to implement those standards.