Child Protection Policy - Additional Procedures for Residentials

 Additional Procedures for Residentials

All staff and volunteers are referred to the main Guidelines in the earlier part of this document. However, there are additional guidelines specifically for residential work. By residential work it is meant that the purpose will be similar to a Homegroup but will mean the child being away from home for at least one night. This will always be in suitable accommodation where separate sleeping arrangements are provided for boys and girls.

  • Where an allegation or suspicion of abuse arises in a residential situation, it is the duty and responsibility of the Person in Charge to report and consult with the appropriate child protection agencies, i.e. Contactors Bureau (Duty Social Worker) or the Police. (see Appendix 2)

  • The Person in Charge should, as soon as possible, inform the Child Protection Officer of the relevant details.

  • The parent of the child should be informed as soon as possible. However, before doing so the Person in Charge must seek the advice of the appropriate child protection agencies.

  • Where an allegation of abuse is made against a member of staff, volunteer or another young person, the person causing concern has a right to be informed. Before confronting the person about the allegation/suspicion, advice must be taken from the appropriate child protection agencies in handling this matter.

Where a young person is participating in a residential weekend, staff and volunteers are reminded they are responsible for the health, well-being and safety of young people entrusted to their care.

Staff and volunteers are reminded that in any event where a child/young person comes to harm and/or abuse, it is the responsibility of all staff and /volunteers to ensure the Child Protection Officer is informed and he/she will take appropriate action.