Child Protection Policy - Code of Behaviour for Staff

Code of Behaviour for Homegroup and Residential Staff

In order to minimise harm and abuse of young persons participating in the activities of the Youth projects, staff and volunteers are drawn to the attention of the following additional steps to protect children and themselves:

  • Do not spend excessive time alone with young people, out of sight of other staff/ volunteers.

  • Do not take young people to your home or that of any of your friends and/or relatives unless it is a designated venue for the event.

  • Where any of the instances outlined in (a) to (c) cannot be unduly avoided, always inform the Child Protection Officer of the situation.

  • Do not engage in games where there is likely to be excessive physical contact. It is advisable for staff to refrain from any games in which physical contact may occur.

  • Do not engage in games that are of a sexually provocative nature and discourage any games among young people where this behaviour is likely to take place.

  • Do not inappropriately touch or allow a young person to engage in such behaviour.

  • Do not use inappropriate language which includes sexual innuendoes or suggestive remarks, or is expletive in nature. Also, discourage young people from using such language and challenge those who do so.

  • From time to time it may be necessary for staff or volunteers to carry out tasks of a personal nature for young people, for example, in the case of a young person with a disability. Where such a situation is likely to occur, written consent from the parent(s) of the young person must be given.

Staff should also familiarise themselves with the sections titled: ‘Additional Procedures for Residentials' and ‘Procedures for Discovery of Drugs and Illegal Substances'.