Child Protection Policy - Policy Statement

Policy Statement on Child Protection

In following and adhering to our aims and values, FHMI want to ensure all children and young people, who come into contact with staff, volunteers and members within FHMI are protected and kept safe from harm and abuse.

In order that children and young people are protected from harm and abuse, we will:

  • Raise the level of awareness of child protection for all staff, volunteers and members, through provision of training opportunities.

  • Provide opportunities for staff, volunteers and members to familiarise themselves with our Child Protection Policy and Procedures. It must be recognised that while the focus of the procedures is to protect children, simultaneously these also protect staff, volunteers and members.

  • If child abuse is suspected report our concerns to the appropriate statutory authorities.

  • Treat children and young people with respect, sensitively, dignity and equality.

  • Let children and parents know how to voice complaints and concerns.

  • Respect confidentiality, without promising to keep secrets.


Throughout the course of any employment, placement, volunteering, membership or any other involvement with FHMI, you may become aware of information which is confidential. All such information must be treated as confidential, during and after your period with FHMI. No communication or information should be discussed or given to anyone external to FHMI or to another member of staff unless it is appropriate to do so, i.e. in instances of actual or alleged child abuse when any incidents must be reported immediately to the Child Protection Officer who will then take appropriate action.