Child Protection Policy - Statement on Young People

Child Protection Statement For Young People

Young People within FHMI are to be protected from abuse and harm.

As a young person you may wish to talk to a member of staff or volunteer about an unhappy past or present experience. If this relates to abuse, it is important that you understand that the staff member or volunteer whom you tell may have to pass on this information to people who can help (for example, FHMI's Child Protection Officer, Social Services or the Police). This does not mean that what you tell a member of staff/volunteer, will lead to them talking about it behind your back or spreading rumours and gossip. Whatever, you tell a member of staff will be kept in strictest confidence, and will only be shared with those who need to know.

If you need or wish to know any thing about FHMI's Child Protection Policy and Procedures, please ask the member of staff with whom you have contact or the Child Protection Officer and they will be only to happy to answer your questions.