Child Protection Policy - Policy Objectives

Policy Objectives

  • The child protection policy and procedures of FHMI are a framework which seek to provide for all children a secure, welcoming and abuse free environment, irrespective of the child's religion, culture, ethnicity, gender or disability. It must be remembered they are there also to safeguard and protect staff, volunteers and members.

  • The child protection policy and procedures adopted uphold the principles and commitments as laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Children (NI) Order 1995 and The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (NI) Order 2003 (POCVA) in protecting them from harm and abuse. FHMI has also adopted the standards laid down in 'Setting the Standard - A Common Approach to Child Protection for International NGOs' published by Tearfund and the NSPCC. FHMI's commitment to the principals will be achieved by:

  • Treating children as individuals and creating a secure, safe and harm free environment, by pursuing the development, health and well-being of the child.

  • Staff and volunteers according children respect and dignity at all times and making children aware that as individuals, they too have rights. Equally, children will be made aware of and encouraged to respect the dignity and rights of others.

  • Monitoring the recruitment procedures for the selection of staff and volunteers.

  • Providing clear guidelines for staff and volunteers in working and communicating effectively with children by having clearly defined roles and responsibilities and providing regular staff supervision.

  • Informing staff of the procedures to be implemented in detecting and reporting alleged or suspected abuse by ensuring they are aware of the content of procedural guidelines of FHMI, FHMI's role and those of the appropriate statutory authorities, in preventing and protecting children from abuse.

  • Sharing information and working in partnership with parents and other voluntary agencies and appropriate statutory authorities in protecting children from harm and abuse, by keeping in mind at all times the welfare of the child is of paramount consideration.