Child Protection Policy - Additional Procedures for Homegroup staff

Additional procedures for Homegroup Staff

FHMI define a Homegroup as a group of young people meeting together under the supervision of 2 or more adults for the purposes of fellowship, sharing, Bible study and prayer. These groups will meet in various residential homes.

Homegroup staff will be expected to adhere to the main guidelines as specified previously. Like all staff working in child centred areas, Homegroup staff are more likely to be in a position to recognise signs and symptoms of child abuse (see Appendix 1).

Children in the Homegroup must be supervised by those appointed by FHMI to work as Homegroup workers.

  • Children must never be left unsupervised or be left with those other than Homegroup workers, so that potential harm and abuse is restricted to a minimum and that children are afforded protection at all times.

  • Where cover for the Homegroup is required due to staff illnesses or staff shortages, the staff to be appointed for temporary cover must be agreed by the Child Protection office or assistant and the homegroup Co-ordinator.

  • In order to protect children and staff, and to satisfy parents or guardians, staff should also comply with the Care Guidelines and make parents aware of them.

  • Staff should work in partnership with parents and where appropriate discuss care and control issues which may arise from time to time with other Homegroup staff and parents.