Vision for Sierra Leone

These are the area's, in our last 5 years experience on the ground, that we feel need to be addressed in order to progress our long term plan to play our part in winning Sierra Leone for Jesus

  • Primary goal - To extend the Kingdom of God on earth…on earth as it is in heaven
  • To train pastors and plant ‘Kingdom Extensions’, creating a church acceptable to God as a dwelling place for his glory.
  • To provide family based homes, education and Christian environment for abandoned and vulnerable children and babies
  • To raise these children with the full knowledge of who they are in Christ and prepare to release them into their destiny
  • To assist and train vulnerable adults in productive skills
  • To provide and demonstrate agricultural skills to grow the right food for healthy living
  • To create a healthy population by means of, prayer, prevention, education and treatment
  • To provide cleaner water were possible
  • To send ministry and skilled teams into high risk areas, to look at ways to help stem the flow of children and prostitutes onto the streets.
  • To equip visitors from the West with experiences to change their thinking with regard to the poor and Kingdom extending.
  • To create as far as possible a sustainable and self reliant operation.
  • To use skilled national people where possible. Providing skills from the West only when not available locally. Using non-nationals to build, equip and bless local people for service.