Vision for Sierra Leone - Childrens Village Hub

The Children's Village Hub

The Village would not just be a Children's Village but a hub for the outreach activities of FHMI.

Children would move here from the Day Centre/Hostel where they continue to integrate into Christian family life. The Hub would be an enclosed site of between 2 and 4 acres where the children can feel safe and yet still be best positioned to integrate the children into local society.

The site would contain:

  • Accommodation homes for families of boys or girls of about 10-12 children.
  • Primary School
  • Training workshops for the children and ex-street girls
  • Abandoned baby care unit
  • Medical Centre
  • Church and Bible school
  • Foreign visitors accommodation compound
  • Visiting local trainee Pastors and trainee educators accommodation.
  • Administration offices and logistical base
  • Stores
  • Training Farm

The farm will either be attached to the Children's Village Hub, or nearby. It will serve as a training ground for the kids and young adults so they can learn basic subsistence farming techniques. The farm will also provide some produce for the Children's Village Hub.

The children's reintegration to society would begin with off site secondary school where they return each day to their home. When they are ready to leave the Children's Village Hub they would be assisted with sheltered accommodation outside the Hub, with regular visits by pastoral and support staff.

Outreach teams would be coordinated from the Hub to reach out to the villages, building relationships and acceptance. If there is a substantial response to the outreach program a process would begin where a potential leader/pastor and a potential health educator are selected for training at the nearest Children's Village Hub. As part of FHMI commitment to the village outreach programme it is envisaged that wells are drilled in strategic villages providing clean water for the surrounding area. 80% of diseases are caused by poor water quality. Mobile Land Rover medical clinics would regularly visit the village Kingdom Extensions as part of the ongoing support programme.

This model is based on our existing experiences blended with the experiences of other organisations working towards similar goals.