Our Vision

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“Outreaching to the lost, sick and hurting with the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus Christ”

    • Providing safe environments for upbringing of abandoned and orphaned children

    • Providing skill training and support for those involved in immoral occupations
    • To establish churches as the biblical principal of extending God's Kingdom
    • To provide a means of education to the western world by facilitating short term visits to the mission field and through hosting 'challenge to mission' type events at home.
    • To continue to build on the work in Sierra Leone
      • To be open to other areas of working as God lays them across our path.
        • To employ local people whenever possible.
          • Establish 'Best practice' models throughout the overseas operations
          • to expand the content of www.GodHelpMePlease.com
          • Host Bible Study and mini-schools of discipleship to equip young people for kingdom living and service.