Finishing the New Baby Rescue Centre


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Your business and sales can benefit from supporting our Heavens Garden Baby Rescue Center. Use your support for this project in your Marketing Strategy. We can provide you with images, stories and a Statement of Support Certificate, in fact we will tailor the resources available to you to suit your needs.

Any business can benefit - especially Building Contractors, Tiling Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing Services, Solar Suppliers, Pump and Well Installers, Sanitary Ware Suppliers, Furniture Suppliers, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Painting Decorating Contractors, Glaziers.

Our new Centre structure is now built, however we now need to finish the inside and get it ready for the kids moving-in in October 2014 and more family accomodation to build after that. We still have a lot of work to do. This project is ideal for business, corporate, church and individual sponsors.

Some items have recently been sponsored! Thank you! To finish it we need £48,000 USD or £28,200 GBP

Is your Business Sector Here?

Business Sector
Electrical Contractors
Ceiling Contractors
Windows and Door Frames
Painting and Decorating
Septic Tank Installers
Kitchen Contractors
Compound Wall/Brick layers
Solar Pump/Well Installers
Household Furniture
Sanitary/Washroom Equipment
Britsh Pound
US Dollar

Card Giving - Baby Rescue Centre Fitout


Other Ways to Give

money270If you prefer not to give by using a card there are other ways.