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New Primary and Nursery School


Are you up for sponsoring a new school?

We are looking for people, retailers, business or teams of people who will take up the challenge of helping us build and run a a new Primary and Nursery School for orphans and the destitute.

This fund raiser is slightly different from the usual in at we are are asking supporters to make a recurring gift every month. Don't worry it doesn't have to be a drain on your finances even a small amount every month is of tremendous value to the education of these kids. There are also options for a one-of gift too!

Think of it like 1 burger meal or 1 pizza meal a month - its not a big impact on the pocket!

IDEAS: Why not start a 'Friends of Fresh Hope' coffee morning in your house once a month as a social get-together for your neighbours and friends. If you have a retail shop why not commit to regular giving and help your marketing at the same time?  If you commit to any form of regular team giving like this we will send you a laminated 'Friends of Fresh Hope' Certificate to display at your collection basket or attach to your shop window.

We will also promote your effort here on Fresh-Hope.org