Swimming Loch Lomond!


Suzie and Bernhard Krisifoe
Suzie Knox and AliMeet Suzie and Bernhard Krisifoe...

Bernhard and Suzie Krisifoe are swimming two miles in Loch Lomond, on the 23rd August 2013 to raise money for an organisation that is very close to their hearts, Fresh Hope Ministries International.

Whilst working in Sierra Leone in a Government Hospital, Suzie nursed a delightful yet very vulnerable little boy who had cerebral palsy.  Ali Bundu was sadly abandoned as a baby in the bush, dressed as a ‘devil’ and left to die in the perilous conditions of the bush.  There are many superstitions surrounding children with disabilities in Sierra Leone which results in many of them being abandoned.

Ali stayed in the hospital for seven months, as they were unable to find him an orphanage that would accept him due to his mild learning disabilities.  Suzie was approaching the end of her Voluntary Services Overseas placement and was desperate to find Ali a safe home.  Finally, they discovered that Fresh Hope had a Baby Rescue Centre in Sierra Leone, which were happy to give Ali the chance for a new future. 

Very relieved Suzie and Bernhard drove over 100 miles to take Ali to his new home.  A year later they visited Ali in his new home and were overwhelmed at how well and happy he looked.  Fresh Hope helped save this little boy’s life and many others by providing them with a home and a brighter future.  Please help more vulnerable orphaned children in Sierra Leone, by sponsoring us for our swim.  Anything will help.  Thank you for your support.

Suzie and Bernhard Krisifoe

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