Gods Gift - Special Diet and Care


Gods Gift helpLATEST: It is with great sadness that we have to report that Gods Gift passed away after a short illness. He touched many hearts and he will not be forgotten.

Gods Gift was found abandoned in a trash bag containing giant centipedes which would have killed him if he was not brought to Fresh Hope. He still carries the scars. Gods Gift is 7 or 8 although he looks a lot younger, he has Ceberal Palsy and cannot swallow or digest properly.

Our good friend Dr Niall Conroy from Dublin, working for VSO took special interest in him and brought him into the Bo Government Hospital. He put him on a special high nuitrient and easily digestable diet.

This diet requires special ingredients and cost a lot more than feeding any of our other children. It costs $35 USD or £23 GBP a month to give him this life saving diet. Please consider helping towards this cost by using the form below. Thank you.