Caring for our Kids - A Very Urgent Need


babies squareishWe are in a very desperate situation and need monthly help with the running costs of Heavens Garden Baby Rescue Centre.

In 2011 our running costs was $1,500 USD (£938 GBP) per month

In 2014 we now need $6,400 USD (£4,000 GBP) every month+ to save more babies.


OUR TARGET: Is 100 people, minimum, donating $100 (USD) a month or 100 people giving £66 (GBP) a month

  • We now have to buy expensive water delivered by tanker for about 5 months of the year as our well runs dry.
  • Inflation in Sierra Leone is at 11% per annum - in the US its 1.5%
  • Our wages bill has climbed dramatically.
  • School fees have risen to cover government set teachers wages.
  • Our kids are growing and now need more rice and fruit than they did when they were smaller.
  • The rent on our premises has risen sharply to $3,500 USD (£2,200 GBP) due in October.
  • Local rice price has increase 49% in a year.
  • We now have 43 children and a waiting list to rescue more

Our running cost cover items such as:Rice price inflationHuge increase in the price of rice

  • Huge increase in the price if rice =>
  • Food and water
  • Clothing, uniforms, shoes
  • Staff wages
  • Maintenance (structure, fumigation, bedding and furniture)
  • Security
  • Transport
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Regulatory Compliance