Heavens Garden Baby Rescue Centre


  • Hope and a Future
    Hope and a Future Help us to give them a hope and a future
  • Nutritional Feeding
    Nutritional Feeding With your help we can give these precious little ones a healthy future
  • Formula Milk
    Formula Milk When a mother dies, the baby most likely dies too. Your support helps us buy formula milk, food and medicines to help keep these babies alive.

Some Urgent Special Needs

This specialist Centre rescues babies whose mothers have passed away who otherwise would not survive. We also take in babies temporarily if the mother is unable to feed the baby herself. Each baby has its own unqiue story

Other Ways to Give

money270If you prefer not to give by using a card there are other ways.

Card Giving - Baby Rescue Centre


In the rural part Sierra Leone where we are working the risk of death giving birth is as high as 1 in 4 - much higher than the national average.

Breast feeding is the ONLY way a baby can survive and in most cases there is no one in the immediate family who can do this.Many relative just watch as the baby fades and dies.

In the west this is not a problem we have easy and cheap access to formula milk, however in Sierra Leone formula milk is way beyond any one's reach.

carer supportFresh Hope take in these hopeless babies and provide formula milk, clothing, medical care and a well balanced diet as they are weaned. One of our most expensive items for the Rescue Centre is imported Formula Baby Milk. We could take-in and rescue dozens more babies if we had regular donators contributing to this fantastically rewarding project. The whole key to sustainability is regular monthly support.

We currently have 32 babies in our care that otherwise would have died. We work in relationship with and take referrals from the MSF Hospital (Médecins Sans Frontières) at Godama, not far from Bo.

Many of babies are now toddlers and are attending Nursery School.

If we had the regular financial support we could rescue more babies from certain death. Our current facility is presently full to capacity. We desperately nee to open a bigger centre on our land as soon as possible. Please use the donation form to the right if you wish to save more babies lives.