Medical Outreach


Mamahun Mobile Remote Village ClinicPart of our holistic gospel outreach to remote villages is providing medical care for lactating mothers, the pregnant and the under 5's.

The nearest medical clinic is up to a 10 miles round trip - a long way for a woman with child and accompanying young children. Our programs bring the medicial monitoring to 100's of women and children who would not otherwise see a health care professional.

This program of mobile medical outreach hopes to identify those at risk in pregnancy and also identify illnesses before they get serious and beyond help. Both the Bo Government Hospital and the Gondama Medicine Frontiier Referral Centre have told us that if people came to clinics earlier in their illness many more lives could be saved.

Our clinics all start with prayer and worship. This clinic is at Mamahun remote village where they walk from all the surrounding villages.

Zainab and Augusta, 2 Fresh Hope nursesMonitoring a babys health