Street Girl Outreach


Card Giving - Street Girl Outreach

The city of Bo is the 2nd biggest city in Sierra Leone and has a large population of girls that work the streets, trying to earn a living from the only way they know how. This project outreaches to them on the streets, befriending and pouring the love of Jesus on them and offering those who wish to, training in a vocation that will give them an alternative means of earning a living.
Their classes include tailoring, hairdressing, hair extension making, Soap making, Tie-dye, traditional weaving, literacy and numeracy, discipleship and others.
Near the end of their training they choose one discipline and we give them a starter pack to set them up in their own small business. The cost of this is repaid as their business grows. For a small charge they can use the equipment in our centre such as the sewing machines, weaving looms etc.
By SHAREing in this project you will be helping us change the lives of these precious girls.