Latest Needs Leaflet

This Leaflet describes the main elements of FHMi and how you can support them either monthly or one-of donations. It contains a Standing Order form, chooseable various support areas, a Gift Aid Form and Card Donation form. It is designed to be printed both sides on an A4 and folder in 3. Ideal for handouts to small groups.

pdf Click here to download the PDF leaflet (Colour)
pdf  Click here to download the PDF leaflet (Black and White)

Vulnerable Women Start-up Kits

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These women will have already completed a year long multi-skill training course. When completed, and along with their tutor, they choose a single skill that they can earn a living with. This partial micro-loan kit is part of their graduation from the training school.


Please help us to give these girls a future and stop them  returning to the streets.